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US Air Force Special Operations Command
Lieutenant Colonel Christopher E. Goodyear
Director of V-22 Operations, 7th Special Operations Squadron
US Air Force Special Operations Command
Royal Canadian Air Force
Lieutenant Colonel David Proteau
Personnel Recovery and SERE Working Group Co-Chair, 1st Air Division
Royal Canadian Air Force
Spanish Air Force
Lieutenant Colonel Rafael Fernandez-Shaw
Commander, Special Parachute Squadron (EZAPAC)
Spanish Air Force
German Army
Master Sergeant Klaus Kramer
Personnel Recovery Expert, Special Operations Command
German Army
Finnish Army Special Operation Forces
Captain Tino Savolainen
Utti Jaeger Regiment
Finnish Army Special Operation Forces
US Peace Corps
Edward Hobson
Associate Director for Safety and Security
US Peace Corps
Turkish Air Force
Colonel Gokhan Sahin Sonmezates
Chief, JPR Branch
Turkish Air Force
Colonel Jason Hanover
Commander, 563rd Rescue Group

Assessing the future requirements for a whole government approach to personnel recovery

Defence IQ is delighted to announce that the world’s leading joint personnel recovery event will be returning in 2013 following its tremendous success in 2012

Personnel recovery has never been more of a burning issue with recent experiences in Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa demonstrating the importance of:

  • Effectively planning for personnel recovery incidents
  • Educating those in danger of becoming isolated
  • Developing the capability to rescue isolated persons, military and non-military alike, from contested areas

With these areas in mind Joint Personnel Recovery 2013 will showcase the whole of government approach to PR with new and added perspectives on:

  • How both dedicated CSAR units and special operations forces will conduct personnel recovery operations in hostile environments ‘post Afghanistan’
  • How are government personnel recovery managers planning for contingency operations in countries where the use of force is not an option
  • How do NGOs mitigate the risks of an isolating incidents staking place and how does their crisis management response differ from governments’
  • What are the materiel solutions in the market that can assist isolated persons and what are governments’ and militaries’ latest requirements’
  • How would PR forces counter A2/AD strategies to effect successful missions in areas such as the Gulf and Asia Pacific

Pre-Conference Workshop Day: 20th May

Workshop 1

09.30 -12.30

Workshop Leader:
Conrad Allen
Urban SERE Ltd

Renowned SERE and PR expert Conrad Allen, Director of Urban SERE Ltd, returns this year to offer a brand new and unique personnel recovery workshop.

Workshop 2

13.30 - 16.30

Workshop Leader:
Bart Combs
Founder & President

This workshop is free to attend to anyone registered on to the Main Conference day.


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